Chasdia is the planet, and mortal realm in which all non-divine beings live. The planet was created jointly by the remaining gods after The War Of The Gods, in order to bring them together and end the hostilities. The planet has fourteen associated moons, and exists in the space between The Aether and The Void.

History Edit

After fighting a long and bloody war, the gods decided to come together in an act of solidarity and cooperation. At the tail-end of the Age Of Dawn, Solel gave much of her light to the heart of the world. The other gods followed suit, channeling much of their energy into a beating heart, which they encased in earth, creating the planet of Chasdia. Next, they created the Vinjir, the first children. Thus began the Age Of Antiquity.

Very early on, the Vinjir formed several kingdoms on the continent of Chaz-El. First among them was the kingdom of Valas. Within a few centuries, a flourishing empire existed. Many other creatures had come to be as well. The trolls, who grew from the excess magic of the gods left in the soil, created a kingdom of their own which was named Trellora. As the years went on, these kingdoms grew exponentially and advancements were made in academics, magic, and technology.

In the year 830 AA the gods created The Moons as a fail-safe, realizing that Vilial had become Transcendent. Though the mortals believed the moons were created as a gift, they actually served a much more sinister purpose. The gods knew that Vilial could become a threat, even to them, and so they created fourteen living moons which could be detonated in order to destroy the planet if need be.

At the end of the Age Of Councils, The Abysmal Prince stole the heart of Chasdia. Though the theft originally went unnoticed, the people of Chasdia eventually realized what had happened. Fearing for their lives, they escaped to the moons, using the Moon-Gates. Thus, the planet was abandoned and the Age Of Moons began. Chasdia eventually died and fell into decay, becoming uninhabitable to all living beings.